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The idea

Meta: this current site is also a project! It contains basically no front-end logic except the ornellember stuff. I got the idea to build it with getzola.org from my fellow Recurser Chris Renfrow. This is a static site rendered from Markdown files, which I saw as a good opportunity to own my own content and move away from Contentful.

Check it out

Making it

For context, I am currently learning Rust in my Recurse batch, and thought this’d be good practice. I was surprised (pleasantly, which I am ashamed to say) by how little (read: no) Rust I had to write to make this site.

To move my content, I couldn’t find a straightforward way to export markdown from Contentful, so I copied my old site’s posts’ HTML to an HTML to Markdown converter, and only had to do minimal cleanup. It was smoother than expected!

I then imported my ornellember functionality the old-fashioned way, through an HTML script tag that took in a bundled version of the library.

Next steps

I’m going to add more basic functionality for this site, esp. on the SEO side, but I’m pretty happy with it as-is.