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Archived Personal site: NextJS

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Tags: typescript nextJS react

The idea

This is kind of meta, but I realized my personal sites are also projects. This site was powering ornella.xyz and ornella.dev for one year (almost to the day, I realized after looking at the github!)

Check it out

Making it

This site was my first NextJS project. I used Contentful for the content, as at the time, I couldn’t see myself writing in Markdown (after using Contentful and blogging consistently, I’ve come around.)

I did give this site a lot of love, as you can see from my github history. But in June 2022, I was going to make some updates to build an interactive ornellember calendar and the paradigm React was trying to force me into was inefficient performance-wise, which I found really frustrating (this is related to my vanilla JS fundamentalism) and decided to make a new site.

Next steps

I’m going to keep this thing up for future reference. I don’t think it’s a good idea to fork it, bc there are some references to the content IDs of my specific contentful instance, but I guess you could if you wanted to.