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I currently live in Amsterdam. I am Burkinabè, French, and American, and I have lived in a few different places, including New York and Madrid.

What do I do?

I currently work as a senior software engineer at a startup called Bobsled. I’ve previously worked at Disney Streaming and, prior to tech, in the art and nonprofit sectors. I also mentor folks, draw and do DIY around the house.

How (should you refer to me)?

I, for the most part, identify as a woman. For pronouns, you can use she or they.

Also, I prefer to use both of my parents’ last names, so Friggit-Konaté or Friggit Konaté. But you’ll probably see me referred to with only my father’s last name in some places.

Who (let the dogs out)?

I have a dog named Pixel, who goes by Pixie, and usually alternates between being scared and silly.