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The idea

I was trying to deploy my site to digitalocean (in an effort to get my already tiny hosting costs down), and it doesn’t support zola builds out of the box. However, it kept trying to get me to use Hugo - which seems pretty similar, just more widely supported! So I transferred it over.

Check it out

Making it

I kept everything from my Zola site, including the CSS and page structure. I just had to make some edits to the templates since the templating language is different, and figure out how to compile my sass into css – Zola makes that easier than Hugo. I found it really useful to peruse through a theme repo to understand how things should be structured – like Zola, the docs tend to be a bit light on anything that deviates from the tutorial.

I also broke up my templates better into partials and views. I did write them from scratch – I feel like the docs are pretty robust, even though I’d never done any go before, it was pretty easy to wrap my head around it.

Next steps

I’d like to invest a bit in my SEO. The way I’ve set up my views makes that easier, so I should be able to add better meta tags.