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social. Mastodon Server

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Tags: digitalocean ruby

The idea

In 2022, I started using Mastodon, by joining a large server. A couple of months in, I decided to make a subdomain off this domain, call it social., and host my own instance just for myself. I’m not sure I had heard of one-person instances beforehand, and I definitely hadn’t seen a social. subdomain to host it before, so I am definitely going to credit myself for the few social. Mastodon servers that have mushroomed in the fediverse.

I initially was using masto.host managed hosting, which is wonderful, but wanted to go deeper and customize more. You can read some of my messy thoughts about it here!

As of June 2023, I have not done much customization, though.

The stack

I am using a digitalocean droplet with one-click-app Mastodon.

For my email server I am using Mailersend.

To SSH into my droplet, I am using either the terminal or VSCode.