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Salary Sim (revived)

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The idea

In 2019, by the time I finished my coding bootcamp, I’d been into personal finance for a few years (hint hint: it’s what made me switch to software engineering.) When I finished my coding bootcamp, which had deferred tuition, I built a salary simulator spreadsheet to help figure out what salary to ask for in my first dev job.

A classmate was interested, so I anonymized it and made a sort of template for my classmates - my career counselor continued to share it with graduating classes after mine.

But then, I had a great idea – why not make it into a React app? Which I did, but then I broke it trying to refactor or fix a bug, I can’t remember, so at some point, I took the deployed app down.

I remembered Salary-Sim a couple of weeks ago, and I think it is a useful resource, so I’m reviving it, this time in Svelte! I just like Svelte and how minimalistic it feels. And since I’m a front-end simplist, I like that it lets me pretend I’m just writing HTML.

Check it out

Making it

This site was my second venture into Svelte. I’m still discovering it as I’m going.

Some highlights:

Next steps

I want to improve the UX to make this more “delightful” to use. While I find the minimalist CSS really satisfying on this text-based site, I think it’s a little sad on salary-sim. Some animations would make it cuter. I’m a little ashamed that I made such a boring site for such a fascinating topic – but it’s an improvement from the spreadsheet… I think?