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Pros before Bros (hackathon)

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The context

I attended the annual Shesharp hackathon, and this year, the theme was job searching. We all had access to a jobs API by Sourcestack, a sponsor, and a little under 24 hours.

Over 8 hours, my lovely team (Nui Suriya, Tessa Clement, and I) built a little app called Pros before Bros.

The idea

We often hear the stat: women tend to apply to jobs only when they meet all the qualifications, while men will apply if they only meet 60%.

The answer is often, strangely: women, get over your impostor syndrome, and apply!

But why should minoritized applicants have to do all the work? We decided to flip the script a bit, and we made a website that helps companies write more accurate, concise, and inclusive job posts.

How it works

  1. Keyword analysis

We use the SourceStack API to get the keywords it’s identified from the posting. If there are more than 3 skills mentioned, we suggest removing the ones that are not needed for the job.

  1. AI to the rescue

Then, we use ChatGPT to compare the job requirements to the description of duties and verify they really match; and to come up with a more concise list, stripping out the fluff. We present this suggestion back to the user.

  1. Learn more

Finally, we send the user to an /about page, to learn more about making their job postings more attractive to a diverse range of applicants.

What I struggled with

Yo, there are like 8 different ways to implement Nextjs routing, and passing a bit of data between routes becomes weirdly difficult. But it remains a wonderful platform.

The stack