Today is in Ornellember time format.

Ornellember: npm package

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The idea

ornellember is an npm package to convert dates to Ornellember, a joke date format I invented based on the International Fixed Calendar. I wrote it very shortly after inventing the actual format.

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Making it

This was my first package published on NPM, which was an interesting process. I wrote it using functional programming for the most part, and was really inspired by dayjs’s approach to immutability and method chainability.

This project has zero dependencies (just dev dependencies), which makes it tinyyy, and I wrote it almost completely using test-driven development! I also invested in writing pretty good docs from jump, even though I was convinced no one would ever use it.

What’s next

As of July 2022, I am still actively maintaining this library. I may build equivalent libraries in other languages – I am toying with the idea of making this in Rust in order to learn the language. If people keep liking this as much as they currently do, I might also try to market this calendar as a bit more than my weird, whimsical passion project. TBD.