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The idea

My dad is a big soccer fan, my uncle is super into A/V, and they are both Burkinabè patriots. The Burkinabè main soccer league was until very recently not televised. They decided to promote it by going to games and streaming them for free, in the hopes that more attention on Burkinabè soccer will not only be good for fans, but more public games and data can help open opportunities for clubs and players too!

I helped them by building an Airtable database and forms, to log live data during games (such as goals, yellow cards, etc), and centralize info about games.

I also made a Nextjs site connected to this Airtable database.

They’ve gathered a good little team and actually have gotten quite popular! I am very happy to help out.

The stack

Airtable remains my tool of choice for collaborative projects with non-devs. I love how Airtable bridges the gap between technical and non-technical users.

Nextjs site. While I now sort of hate React, it is a good flexible solution. I am using Zod for form validation.

Check it out

burkifoot.com or watch on youtube!