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New series: Tech Talks

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Why not

I think I’ve referenced it before: I am very uncomfortable talking about technical topics online. And yes, I know I’ve bragged that I don’t feel impostor syndrome, but really, I feel something very close to it: I just don’t know how to talk about tech, long form, in a way that feels like me. I find myself either putting on tech bro unearned confidence, or cutesy “I’m just a coder girl UwU” vibes. To be fair, I am cocky and I am cute, but… I don’t know.

I just don’t see myself as someone who gives technical insight. Just, straight up. It feels like playing a role.

Talking curiously and vulnerably about my deepest existential stuggles is easier than off-the-cuff mentioning my favorite npm library. It’s partially because technical topics don’t flow as easily as semi-poetic prose. It’s partially because with tech, unlike philosophy, there are provable rights and wrongs, and I’m scared of being publicly wrong.

It’s partially because beyond right and wrong, it feels to me like there’s always people breathing down my neck trying to catch me saying anything they could present as silly; or even if it’s smart, I’m just saying it wrong; or if I’m saying it right, I’m not saying it confidently enough; or if I am, I’m being arrogant. (and no, no, this isn’t all in my head, I’ve been a bit burned).


That’s the thing though. I love tech. I love building things and fixing things, and learning new things every day. It’s fun, it’s rewarding, I’m decent at it. I spend six hours a day doing it.

So let’s do this y’allemaal. Let’s talk about the tech things I’m excited about! I think (hope) I can communicate how interesting they are in my eyes.

Genuinely, I really want you to find them interesting too! That’s also the thing, I’m scared this stuff will be too specific and boring. I really hope it’s not.

Plus, I want to learn how to talk about one of my very favorite things in life.

So welcome to this little series! Every month, one technical topic. No pressure, huh?

Oh, god.

Here we go.