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Social update

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Hey all! if you were wondering: I am not on social media at the moment, here’s why!

Twitter migration

I don’t have twitter anymore, intentionally, because I deleted all my content.

Mastodon messup

I am supposed to have mastodon! But 3.5 weeks ago, I wanted to migrate away from masto.host in order to totally host my own instance and tinker with the code, so I made a backup of my db, put up the instance, and then tried to restore postgres from the db backup… unsuccessfully. Something about permissions. I don’t know much about postgres.

Life got in the way, because I just have a lot going on right now (nothing to worry about, I’m doing great!) but as a result I haven’t gone back to trying to fix it. It’s now been long enough that I feel like I should explain myself!

I’m going to give restoring this backup another shot, sometime soon. Might need some help.

Newsletter news

Also, you guys, I once had a newsletter, right? Well, it was on revue, a Twitter offshoot, and they shut down without a way to recover my lists. Yet another reminder to control as much of your data as possible…

You can still contact me at ornella dot friggit at protonmail dot com! hopefully I figure my stuff out soon.

Edit – one day later

Ya girl is back on Mastodon! wrote a very messy post with some technical details.